Green wood craft

Large section of trellis (5 metres approx) made in situ for a commission. Hazel, coppiced by me, from one of the woods I work – Constantine St wood, Oldham.

DSCF1856  DSCF1858


Hedge-laying, log stores and dry stone walling

Dry stone walling, Green wood craft, Hedge laying

I’ve added some new images to the site. Recent commissions include 2 wedding arches, a log store and three gates. I’ve been busy hedge laying – picture shows 28ms of hedge layed in Lancashire & Westmoreland style (stakes every 3ft) Its a style that means the hedge is stock proof (its a sheep hedge) straight away. In this one I only had to add in one piece of brash (at the very end).

LH 2 LH 3

I’ve just started a big walling job too – various repairs (gapping up) rebuilds etc.


New workshop and woodworm

Green wood craft, Woodlands

Spent most of today trying to save some oak (2-3″ interesting forks and curves coppiced from a new coupe in North Dean wood last November) I managed to bring oak pinhole borer (hiding in some of the older branch wood) back to my wood store!! and of course the warm weather finally arrives and all my twisty oak is fair game….

Oak pinhole

I’m sure I will find a use for the wood – they don’t ‘feed’ on the wood just grow fungi in the tunnels they create, so once I season the wood they will go away/die


Penistone Show and Guisborough Forest Festival

demonstration, Hedge laying, Stalls

A busy weekend of demonstrating tool handle making at Penistone Agricultural Show (Pics to follow) and demonstrating hedge-laying at Guisborough Forest Festival.  (pics to follow) Both were busy with a lot going on that I didn’t get to see!. I met a couple of old boys who still layed hedges – “to stop it being too draughty for the sheep” 

Only managed 5m of hedge all day! so must have talked to a few people!!